Friday, January 8, 2010

Space Out 2

Internet is full of free online games. These games provide people thrilling entertainment and people don't have to go out of home or to take any risk to play these games which are full of adventures. One such online action game is Space Out 2.

This game takes you on a space mission. Objective of the mission is to save the planet from enemy ships. There are many enemy ships buzzing in sky trying to destroy your planet. You have to fight in a way that building on planet don't get destroyed by enemy attack. Enemy ships release balls which are of green color.

If you stop them by your plane it gets converted into photon balls which attack enemy planes back..You can move your plane left and right by left and right arrow keys. You get many power ups during the war. If you absorb repairs then planet will get back its destroyed building.If you get guns, you can fire on enemy ships by pressing up arrow key.

Machine guns shoot enemy balls in pairs. If destroyer comes in your hand, you can destroy enemy balls in air. If you take speed upgrade it will make defender move faster. If you are able to get Energy shifter it will convert all enemy balls on screen into photon balls which hit back enemy ships and destroy them.

There are many enemy ships and you have a single plane but there are many power ups which help you to destroy all the enemies and protect your planet.

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