Monday, January 11, 2010

Avatar- The Movie

Popularity of free puzzle games has prompted another one to hit the blog and this time the game has been designed on the recent Hollywood blockbuster Avatar. This game has grabbed a lot of headlines quite similar to the movie.

It is an online puzzle game which is available o many gaming and entertainment portals. As the user will log on to a particular website , he will be entitled to play this game as a guest player. After choosing this game, the player has to wait for a few minute buffering and as it ends he will have a footage with broken puzzles of the main characters of the film.
The player has to join the broken puzzles appropraitly by browsing the broken pieces through his mouse. There is no specific point or score system, which makes it even more interesting and allows the user to explore something new. On the bottom of the video, the user will have two options which would include Ayuda and Mas Juegos.

The player would b playing on Ayuda because it comprises of broken puzzles and Mas Juegos has a complete joined puzzle. To have an idea, about the process of joining the puzzle, the user can switch on to Mas Juegos option and finish the process successfully

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