Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brain Match

There are many kinds of games available on Internet that provides you a lot of entertainment. People like to play action games, shooting games, racing games, war games, dressing games, Online Card Games etc. Different kinds of games entertain people in different ways. Puzzle games twist people's brain and improve their logical and thinking skills. Free puzzle games available on different websites develop children's problem solving skills.

'Brain Match' is an interesting puzzle game. The rule of game is very simple. You have to simply match the cards. You will be given a card which will have a certain structure. It will be followed by card having another structure. You have to match the card with previous one. If it matches with previous one click on Match tab or else click on No Match tab. If you make correct decisions Your score will increase or else your points will be deducted.

The game is available in three levels. These are normal, hard and insane. You can choose any of these level according to your skill. If you are a new player start it with normal. If you have got little experience and want to move on tougher level, choose hard and if you think you are very skillful then test yourself at insane level. There is a option by which you can submit your score and compare with other leading scorers.

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