Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Indian warrior

Little Indian warrior is a shooting game that will enthrall you with loads of excitement. The instructions are very simple and easily understood as there are very few keys that are needed to use to play this latest shooting game. You just have to use the right and left arrow keys to move the warrior and use the space bar to aim and release the arrow. To aim, press the space bar and to shoot, release it. So, if you have the guts and the killing instinct to become a true warrior, then play this online game for free.

The visuals are very appealing as it creates a make- believe scene of an open field where there are several jaguars coming up to you, so, be on your toes and get ready to kill the fierce beasts. You have to play ten missions to become a true Indian warrior.

The game ask you to prove your worth and show your fine shooting skills. In the first mission you have to hunt ten jaguars skills . Then in the next stage you have to kill five of them and in this way the game proceeds further. After you accomplish the mission you will get information of how many you have killed and the number of jaguars who managed to escaped. The screen will also show the number of arrows you have used during each stage.

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