Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boom Blox Bash Party: Another Heaven To Online Gaming

There is a good news for all the, Electronic Arts already has sequel to the Nintendo Wii game action puzzler with Steven Spielberg's name on the cover. Playing this online game feels as we are a part of it. Like always, this time also the popular game Boom Blox Bash Party continues having simple controls and fun which is family friendly. Also, there are plenty of new levels and other new additions to know in this Wii game. If someone has played the first Boom Blox, they will get to know that the controls are exactly the same. In this online game the player have to go through a short tutorial in the beginning of the game before they can go to the higher levels, which are very quick and easy.

The player just have to aim and then swing the whole remote forward to throw the balls. There are some new ways in the game to cause problems as someone play, like a slingshot, a cannon or a virus ball. The slingshot is a good alternative to get tired by constantly tossing baseballs. The cannon is easy, because the player just need to aim the cannon and release fire. The virus ball spreads its orange disease onto the blocks, which the gamer can chain it with other previously infested blocks.

A difference in this Wii game is that the makers has done a lot of work in presenting the game. The main menu bar is a colorful theme park, and the player is free to roam around to the available areas. Each time someone enters a new area in this online game, there are some arty stuff that gives a glimpse of what the player is taking a walk into.

There is this level space which provides its own challenge because the gamer is dealing with zero gravity. One just cannot hit the piled structures for them to fall, they have to destroy them with lots force to get them far into space. Apart from this there are some very cute, strange animal characters all over the game. All we can say that, this online game is a new approach to the old one, bringing freshness.

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