Monday, May 11, 2009

Golfing beyond imagination by Ghetto Golf shooting game

In the recent years, numerous game developers have come into being which are producing plenty of frolics in different genre so as to entertain the users of different tastes. If I talk about the Ghetto Golf which has already begun receiving protests and yet again I bring my opinions about this game. Meant to play 18 hole course this game makes the players cross over terrains and knock several rogues. The weapons which are brought by this game are explosives, rubber golf balls, spiked golf balls. The hero Vonte is found using his exploding golf ball to blow up a car that someone was ghost-riding. Honestly, I think the story line is amazing and if you think Golf is only for company CEO's or the rich then this shooting game will bring a change to the stereotypical thought.

I like R&B music and from the genre come Tony! Toni! Tone!, the nineties R&B group. A former members of the group, Raphael Saadiq owns his own video-game company called Illfonic has launched this fun filled Play Station3 game.

Being a part of Play Station3 games users need PS3, Wii or Xbox 360 or PC to download this game. Shooting games usually have noise but this game has some great background music and sound effects which creates an atmosphere of excitement under action. Remember to lay your hands on this golf mystery else your experience of gaming would be incomplete. Very amazingly, you can now download a number of games free of cost from a number of websites.

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