Friday, May 8, 2009

Skills and flash game comes together to create fun in I Love Traffic

Skill games are a rage nowadays, we see people playing Skill games all around due to its popularity. They are also called the better game to play as the skill games shakes up the mind of the player, mental activity takes place. This leads to better enhancement of a person mental activities. Parents prefer their children to play these skill games as they are said to be brain storming games. And when these Skill games combine with great fun flash games they do create raves all over. One such game that combines skill games and flash games is I Love Traffic.

This one released by John Cooney, is a perfect flash game to play. This flash game consist of traffic that is moving at a speed through intersections without causing backup, collisions in between them and even keeping them away from running out of time. The interesting fact about this skill game is that all or any lights can be turned any color at any time, which makes it more exiting. Although its not very tough and challenging to play this flash game but there are twenty levels to cross one by one which is a test to the skill of the player.

Still we can say that I love Traffic is a nice flash game which combines with skill game to give a diversion from the mundane games that one play. But there is word of caution, people with color blind problems will not be able to enjoy the wonderful game as it is based on the changing of colors.

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