Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PokeMon Platinum: Most Popular Game Review

Pokemon platinum is completely based on a best selling game that was released two years ago. Every year, Game Freak and Nitendo release a new version of Pokemon Games. Diamond and pearl are the latest examples to it.

Pokemon games are one of the most popular and interesting games in the market nowadays. Pokemon platinum is also one of them. Pokemon platinum is all about the pokemon itself. These are the clever monsters that live in wild environment to attack. You need to attack and beat them so that they come to join your team to fight in your favour. As we begin the game, new elements and gimmicks are introduced at every stage of it. The players need to reach the gym. Once they get encountered with eight gym leaders they must take on the Elite Four. These are the master trainers in the Pokemon.

Pokemon platinum is a very exciting game that offers a wide variety of status effects, hit points and criticals. It offers a lot of challenges for the players that would sweat the experienced player also. Today Pokemon games series has launched several games that includes puzzle games to racing games. All creatures that is pokemon have a different attribute that may appear to be stronger or weaker. That is what the game is all about. One need to find the best pokemon among the all because you will be fighting a lot of battles that come across you at the different stages of the game.

Pokemon is highly interesting game that makes a person addictive to it. It generates curiosity at every stage of it, thus making the player stick to it. The Pokemon Platinum provides lots of features. These includes multiplayer option, it can be traded wirelessly as well as through the Wi -Fi connection. It provides the facility of battle recorder also that enables us to check the footage of other players sites. It also gives os the way to upload as well as record our own fights and show it to our friends. Hence, it is a very exciting Japanese game. So one should try it once to know how interesting it is.

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