Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Velvet Assassin Replay Studios Action Games

Velvet Assassin is an action game that is developed by Replay Studios. It is mainly made for the XBOX 360 and personal computers. This game always received bad reviews if it is compared to any other online game because of its poor quality, unoriginal standard, multiple technical issues with graphics as well as the poor functioning of the mechanics.

Velvet Assassin is set during the world war second. It features a very unique and a hyper realistic graphic style. Also XBOX 360 games are popular among this series.

If we talk about the game, you play as a British spy inspired by a secret agent Violette, who is behind the enemy lines. He is battling behind the enemy lines killing the hordes of Nazis and blowing stuff up. Violette will sneak into a Nazi prison and slip cyanide to her own men before they spill secrets. She uses cunning and stealthy ways in order to kill the enemies. Violette uses weapons of second world war to kill the enemies and reach its destination. She was seen wearing a nightie in the game. But, she does not wear it at the time of attaching the Nazis as it looks silly. As the player reaches the later stages of the game they are free to adjust the Violette's attributes to suit their planning style. One might fail to kill the enemy as guns are very hard to get hold of and you can not shoot anyone. Also Violette is covered by a purple glow which means that she is hidden.

This free online game makes use of lots of darkness. The realities of war are also shown in a very good manner. Sluggish gunplay make your actions feel artificial for sometime. The game is not all stealth, and depending on how well armed you are it offers a variety of action offers. The shooting mechanics is not perfect but satisfactory. There is a special option for aiming and camera speed. However today, Velvet Assassin is able to come out of these issues and has been successful in presenting a strong and a powerful look.

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