Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Play and enjoy the ultimate thrill of video gaming with Noby Noby Boy

Almost all the PS3 games are very interesting as well as provide good feeling while playing. The Noby Noby Boy is one of latest and an amazing video games for Sony PlayStation 3 and developed by the Keita Takashi of Namco Bandai. One of the meanings of Nobi in Japanese is stretch. Under this game, the player takes control of a worm-like four-footed character referred to as Boy. By using the PlayStaion 3 gamepad's controller, the left analog stick moves the front of Boy while the right stick controls the back. By moving both controls in opposite directions, the player can stretch abdomen of the Boy to great lengths. The player may manoeuvre Boy around its environment, interacting with stationary objects such as houses, or A-controlled (Artificial intelligence in game) characters like barnyard animals.

The player collects points by how much they stretch abdomens during the game. These points can be submitted online through a character called Sun to another character called Girl. Points submitted online by players to Girl will be added cumulatively, causing Girl to stretch. Beginning on earth, Girl has stretched to the moon and will proceed onto Mars then to other various planets. And each unlocking new playable environments for Boy to stretch in.

The Noby Noby Boy team expected players to take between one to two weeks of accumulative play time to reach the moon. One of the most interesting components of this game is its networked functionality. As individual players grow their Boys, the lengths will be uploaded to a persistent online characters known as Girl. The online creature extends in direct relation to the total lengths of all Boys, and as she grows, new stages of the game unlocked as playable stages for everyone to access. Noby Noby Boy also allows the users to upload game's footage to various video-sharing websites. The player can also play free games with the help of built-in PlayStation's Internet connectivity option.

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