Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wolverine Is Now On Playstation 3 Games

Maybe, there are few comic characters which are surely more interesting than Wolverine playstation 3 games, which we can see in the new age of online games. As such people were very elated that they have got Wolverine playstation 3 games which is also an online game. It's like, if someone wants to play a online game that makes someone feel like they are controlling Wolverine, then they should not be bothered to play this playstation 3 game which is also available online.

One of this playstation 3 game problems can actually be traced directly back to its rating. While the current generation consoles get a mature rated blood soaked romp full of visceral attacks and has limb separating claw slices. The playstation 3 game version takes a more nice and friendly approach.

Now, there are no Wolverine's indestructible,razor sharp claws mincing his foes into bits in this online game which can be played as a playstation 3 game, but they have made his arms a little longer for a better range when thrashing and punching .In this playstation 3 game, Claw swipes don't cause any damage to enemies, and scratches that they make on walls quickly disappear. There is still one can see occasionally, minute puff of blood after a random attack, but these small payoffs are also rare in this online game and none of them is as satisfying as they should.

While this playstation3 game is a blame for the title as it is a letdown to Wolverine fans, the rests stuff of this online game is on diminished levels of violence and there are plethora of many other things that keep it away from being a very good game. Also in this playstation 3 game, the first point is an action title that relies on combat for about ninety five percent of your character interactions while fighting the way through the free online game.

This is due to the lack of enemy as in variety, which expect one to have a fight with the same few character models all the time. Still the bad part of this playstation 3 game is that this online game is essentially just one closed arena after another full of foes, who continue to come in until someone has killed enough so that they can proceed to the next room.

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