Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Be the Dragon Slayer!!!!! Kill Those Dragons Quickly

We all have played lots of video games and killed the dragons, again all the game lovers gets the chance to kill the dragons in a transformed manner. This particular game is especially designed for the kids as no extra skillful efforts are required to play and understand the game. But the presentation style is really attractive and appreciable at the part of designers. This game is the battle against red, green and blue dragons. Player has to fight with them by throwing flames and other kind of powerful weapons.

Kill Dragon - Free Online Game To Play
The different part of this free online games is to control ones character is not that easy and the player has to give a hold on whatever is required first, whether the set of instructions or the player is willing to play directly with the dragons. Left button of the mouse is used to fire and if more power is required by the player one has to hold down the button to generate more power. Lefted life of the player and the dragon can easily be recognized as the markings are given clearly on the top of the player. Different levels are formed, so that the player can easily analyze its ability to play. Scores can also be seen easily on the same page.

So are you all players ready to fight with these dangerous dragons? Go and dare to have fight atleast once.

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