Monday, June 8, 2009

Silent Hill :Shattered memories

This is the Konami's revamp of the original silent hill and if you really don't know any thing about the Silent Hill then you must peep ten years back when in 1999 the silent hill was launched on simple PS versions but this time it is available in PS 2 and PSP versions. The Nintendo wii games has achieved a benchmark with introduction of highly advanced version in the series of Adventure games. In this adventure game the father named Harry go on a mission to search his lost daughter. Eventually, as the game moves forward, it takes an immediate twist and he reaches the town of silent hill which is captured by monsters and its locales are quite insane. But Harry has to accomplish his search and with this he is given lead pipe to fight his remaining war. Though unlike resident evil the main character was accompanied by friends but this time harry has to travel alone.

This is the strong initiative taken by the Nintendo wii games and has worked on minute aspects like the whole environment is designed keeping in mind the most horrendous places humans have ever imagined. Like most of the scenes goes through dark night, with hail storms and monstrous ambience's. Besides this, in this scenario, Harry is completely dependent on his mobile phone to open the mini map or call police. But don't expect any help from police because you rare stranded in wild continent which is far from the reach of urbanites. This game might look like similar to resident evil but still it is different on all levels. Among all adventure games this game is cited its supremacy world over. The most prominent feature of this game is that its quite easier in operations, at each and every level you could take the help of local people.

Silent hill is the true online flash game if you are looking towards the real excitement and surprise. The horror, fear and pulsation are three key words which could describe the entire gaming experience and adds real spice in your life. So what you are waiting for, go and play with real thrills.

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