Monday, June 15, 2009

Blinky Dress Up

Blinky dress up is an amazing girly game designed specially for the girl players out there because the concept lies all around the pleasant doll Blinky. The concept of this Dress up game is not the difficult part to understand as one can easily grasp it at one single go.

All you have to do is select all those items for Blinky which you feel the best for her. The Make over games also displays the different alluring faces of that particular doll. Nine distinct options of accessories are available to make the girl more gorgeous. In the same way, clicking on single option will give you various options like choice of different type of hair styles, socks, bottom, top and lots more.

Girls for sure will be enjoying the wide variety moreover they can try these looks on themselves if found appropriate on her. A single can change her style by pressing on the button. It is really very interesting to make her wear the clothes of the player's personal choice. Background can also be set as per the mood. A full fledged ready to go girl will be in front of you as you go for the GO option.

So all you fashionable girls make your Blinky also trendy.

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