Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mind the Blox

As the name of the arcade game Mind the blox clearly says that it is to do something with blogs. Blogs are the most old style of gaming and we all are fred up of those outdated blogs which we used to play in our childhood. That's why online arcade games are here with totally new concept of blogging. Instructions of the game describes each type of blog clearly as presenters of the game has come up with multiple type of blogs. These blogs are named as blox, keys, skulls, eater, rotator, red mushroom, bombs and space bar is used to to release the next row of the blox. Shape of each type of blogs is very new and will surely enhance the regular players to atleast play once. Each type of blog is meant for different purpose and is to be used thoughtfully.

This free online game doesn't come to an end easily as the player has second and third level also to play with, if he has perfectly scored at the first level. Sound control totally lies in players hand, if you are in mood to play without music and sound, you have the easy option to do that.

So get ready to arrange the blogs in a different style.

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