Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Petal Hall Escape

Guys we all have played hide and seek in our childhood days, so now be ready to play its changed version. These free mind games will surely relieve you from your boring day to day schedules. Name of the game itself gives the clear hint to the player that about what the game is all about. But still the brief idea is given about the game to make the user clear about the concept.

In this free online game, the player found himself or herself trapped in a petal hall and just have to escape from the hall by using various objects according to the situation. The timer of the game also starts running as you click onto the play option. Game is also designed in a distinct manner, a proper hall is seen and the pillars have switches and these switches are for the players to use aptly. A single click on the arrows allow the user to come back to the previous place.

The game is little bit tricky to play but similar to other online puzzle games, in this you are able to show your potential and also can check your skills. This game allows the single player to play at a time but, if you want to accompany with your friend you can simply give the second chance to him or her and your problem is sorted out.

So you also get into that petal hall and try to escape yourself!!!!

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