Friday, June 12, 2009

Roller Coaster Rush

This particular free online game is a complete entertainment package especially for kids, very easy to understand because a complete and detailed set of instructions is explained. You just have to click a button and the rules will be in front of you. Option for settings is also seen on the main page of the game, one can choose the level of volume as per your convenience. The attractive used colours will surely catch your attention and will also little bit force you to at least have a try once.

Arcade Game

Goal of the game is also well defined that you have to become the best roller coaster breakman and the main aim of the game is to keep th ride safe for the passengers.

Game also has the special feature of an award. If the player perform the special type of stunt extra points will be given as an award. Free download facility offcourse is available. List of awards is also specified. This game is tricky too and will surely help in enhancing your skills.

So kids and the parents have a quick access on these free arcade games as these online arcade games can easily be mailed.

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