Friday, June 26, 2009

Smiley Fray : Puzzle your mind

All the game lovers gets the chance to fight in an uniquely different manner, this online puzzle game is designed in the different manner to attract the players so that they can give the game atleat a single shot. This mind game gives the player a chance to increase his or her skills. Here in this game the player has to has to gear up his or herself for the biggest battle ever in the Koffiiland.

Puzzle Game
This free online game provides the player with three different type of expressions and the player has to match three like expressions for each expression matched thirty points will be given. Blast, anger, angel are the name of the given expressions. Finally the player has to score ninety points. Game sounds very interesting if played with full concentration and can easily pass the time of a single player, Different levels of game are designed to check the skills of the player and the player can itself analyze by checking out the scores displayed in the same page.

The game has also come up with the expectation of players as they can even mail the same to their friends. So all you players are you ready to fight with these cute, little smileys in the smiley fray??

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